Quick Overall Body Blitz!

Short on time but want to get that work out in for the day. A quick body blitz can be a real game changer.

Making time for exercise might feel like a hassle but you'll be thankful you did when those endorphins start kicking in. Getting regular exercise is important for both good physical and mental health and just a quick workout can help the release of feel-good brain chemicals and stimulate parts of your brain that are responsible for boosting your mood and overall energy levels.

Try this power set below which will be sure to get your blood pumping!

Workout Inspiration

     x 15 staggered stance deadlifts

     x 15 barbell squats

     x 15 overhead plate decline sit ups 

     x 15 hanging knee tucks

     x 15 box jumps

     x 60 seconds skipping

     - Now repeat 3 times and you're set!



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