Here at West Activewear we are passionate about doing our bit for the environment, that’s why we weave recycled yarn into as much of our clothing line as possible. Our tights and bras contain over 75% recycled nylon that was produced from fish nets and plastic bottles. Don’t let this fool you though, the finished material is even better than brand-new virgin nylon. What’s more, we use environmentally friendly dyes, and your activewear will arrive to your door in a fully biodegradable bag made from corn starch.

So how does it all work? We source our luxury sustainable fabrics from a manufacturer in Italy. ECONYL® is 100% recycled yarn that is created through a regeneration process, which takes nylon waste from plastic bottles and fishing nets from oceans around the world. It's recycled right back to its original purity, as though it were brand-new virgin nylon. ECONYL® can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again. Ultimately, this means we can create fresh products without having to use new resources. The nylon is then processed into the final fabric that we use to create our incredible Activewear.

Many fashion powerhouses are making the move to become more environmentally friendly and drive the industry towards a sustainable future. Together we can make the world a better place.